Visible colors in the third dimension are energy vibrations or rays emitted from the center of the electromagnetic spectrum. When light is passed through a prism, a rainbow of seven colors appears. Each projected ray has a specific wavelength and vibration quality. Each color, like crystals, has properties and times when to use. If you are generally attracted to one color more than another it is your body and mind subconsciously seeking the balance. Consciously seeking a balance with colors and crystals is like a gift of vision from the earth. You are awake. #colorTherapy #rainbow #gift #vision #awake #HighVibrations #HighFrequency #vibration #quartz #crystal #prism #earth #love #therapy #wavelength #become #balance #thankYouLife

“Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.”
— Carl Sagan, The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God (via theoriginofthespecies)

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Natural Powdered Blush | Free People Blog

Continuing my obsession with natural beauty and makeup, here is something I didn’t think was possible - an all natural blush! I’ve made blush before but always used mica. Well this blush is made from…beetroot powder! I hope I’m not the only person who found this surprising (just lie to make me fell better alright?!). There’s directions on how to dry out your own beetroot to turn into powder or you can purchase it (a quick Google search turned up about a million hits, I’m sure you can find it!). There’s some great tips on how to change up the colour to suit your skin too. I’d love to know if anyone has used beetroot blush before? How long does it last?

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